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As the durvalumab and tremelimumab Investigator Brochures contain confidential information, they are kept within the Member's Area of the website. Please contact the RAMPART Team ( if you do not have the login details but require access to these documents.

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Durvalumab Sample Label (Carton) 04-Sep-2020 11-Dec-2019, 02-Jan-2018
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Tremelimumab Sample Label (Carton) 13-Nov-2020 04-Sep-2020, 11-Dec-2019, 14-Jan-2019, 01-Feb-2018
Tremelimumab Sample Label (Vial) 17-Sep-2020 17-Dec-2019, 08-Jan-2019, 01-Mar-2018


Durvalumab Tremelimumab
19705.1/1 (expired Oct-2019) 19705.2/1 (expired Oct-2018)
19705.5/1 (expired Feb-2020) 19705.3/1 (expired Jun-2019)
19705.6/1 (current) 19705.4/1 (expired Feb-2020)
19705.9/1 (current) 19705.7/1 (expired Dec-2021)
19705.10/1 (current) 19705.11/1 (expired Jan-2023)
19705.13/1 (current) 19705/15.1 (expired Jan-2023)
19705.14/1 (current) 19705/17.1 (current)


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